Dale Janus, Bass

Dale started playing drums in school, until he got a guitar for his birthday. A few years later, he switched to bass and never let go of it. He has played in every kind of band there is. He also shares vocal chores.

Bill Hrusovsky, Trumpet

Bill is the main trumpet man. He's one of those guys who was the best player in high school, except he never quit. Bill has played in every kind of brass band you can think of. From a Tijuana Brass Band he and Dale had in high school, to rock and roll, to concert bands, Bill's solid, clear sound is always a big plus.

DJ Colella, Trombone

DJ comes from a long line of musicians from the very musical Colellas family. IIn addition to his excellent trombone work, DJ is the band's latest vocalist. If only he could sing and play trombone at the same time! The Band director of Girard High School, DJ writes charts for the band as well.  Watch out when he brings out the red trombone!

Tyler Guerrieri, Guitar

Tyler is a Jazz Guitar graduate from the  Dana School of music. He keeps us up on the new songs, and we show him the old songs.  It’s a good blend!  We have convinced him to only bring a few of his many guitars and pedals to the gigs.  And he makes them all sound good!

Chris Eldridge, Keyboards & Trumpet

Chris is what is called a musician's musician.  After mastering the trumpet, he wanted greater challenges so he picked up piano and keyboards, trombone, sax and clarinet. He writes charts and arrangements in his spare time.  We make him sing, too. 

Tom Bartholomew, Sax

Tom is the saxy one. He handles tenor sax, as well as some keyboards. Tom started playing in school, and was the first one in his high school to join a rock and roll band. Tom has a strong streak of post punk alternative grunge in him, but it balances well with his love of the traditional R & B style and jazz.

Bob Matasy, Drums.

 Bob is the  one who keeps the band moving along  and moving together.  He has been playing drums for over 30 years. Bob knows all the old songs, and quickly learns the new songs.  Bob also knows just about everyone in town and helps book the band. With Bob behind the kit, everything will be all right. Bob lead his own variety band for 20 years and was also Grammy nominated.

Susie Prosser, Vocals

Susie is from Youngstown, OH and has years of experience performing in the Youngstown area. She started singing at around age 4 at the kitchen dinner table, she then moved on to entertaining the neighbors using their garden hose as the microphone. Susie graduated from Youngstown State University Dana School of Music and has performed in several area community theatre musicals, in addition to singing with several area musicians. Susie also finished in the Top 3 in the Female Vocalist category at the 2014 Youngstown Music Awards. She enjoys performing a variety of styles from Oldies/Motown, Pop/Rock, Country and of course, The 80's.