How we got started and how we got our name

The band is now in it's 26th year. It doesn't seem like that long.

Back in 1992, Bill Hrusovsky, Dale Janus and Dr. Tom Abruzzi realized the Tuesday night golf league they belonged to was not working out. Many of the golfers were retired, but Bill, Tom and Dale were (and still are) working stiffs. So by the time they got to the golf course after work, everyone had already teed off. So in January of 1992, they decided to chuck golf and start a band. Besides, they weren't all that good at golf.

So every Tuesday, they would get together and pick some songs and write some charts. By asking around, they soon gathered additional members Tom Bartholomew on sax and Russ Parish on guitar. Brian Fabian was the original drummer until Delphi Packard Electric moved him to Mississippi. Dr. Abruzzi left some years later to get married and start a family.

The search for a band name went round and round as usual, until Dale's youngest daughter Aimee, who was 12 at the time, saw a video on MTV for the band Men Without Hats. A little bit of thinking revealed Guys Without Ties and we have been such ever since.

Band members have come and gone, but the band keeps rolling along. They wonder why they have such a successful band now, and were not able to have such succes when they were twenty years old, but they are having too much fun to complain about it.

Rock on!